Why is 1st August critical for Bitcoin’s future:

As we approach the critical 1st Aug 2017 date. Bitcoin users will ultimately decide on the method to increase the hash rate in order for

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Trade setup from our beta TechMonegise© strategy

Excited to share this setup from our strategy that has been in development for a year. Currently being automated by our programmers; it’s set to

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Reflecting on how the war on cash affects you!?

Season Greetings to all. As we gather with loved ones over the holiday period, it’s important to consider how your savings will be treated…..

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Testing Post

This is just a simple post with only testing purposes and not informative ones. No need to read this. Is legally an “Advisory” vote election.

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Will Brexit be implemented?

This is legally an “Advisory” vote election. Which means parliament not legally obliged to implement it’s result!!! An over 100,000 person signed petition ( has

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Google Predicts Landslide Win for Brexit Leave

Which ever way the vote is concluded; beware financial market volatility will be high!


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Vote Brexit to end the EU

Brexit the movie

Solutions For The Ensuing Global Financial Crisis.

One of the key reasons for the global financial crisis that is ongoing is debt in the form of personal, public, corporate and national level.

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