White Label Trade Copy Hero©

White Label Trade Copy Hero©

Fund, auto trade, verified trade record and client process set up in your brand.

White Label Trade Copy Hero© is a hedge fund, licensed use of TechMonegise© trade software and client management process set up for you in your brand. Ready to earn 3 income sources for you.

Ideal for existing regulated Money Managers, Fiduciaries, Hedge Fund Managers, Financial Advisers that are authorized with their local jurisdiction e.g FCA and licensed as “Portfolio Manager” with at least $1 million ready to deposit into Investor Sub Account under their own MAM account with FX Choice. If your account does not profit, you do not pay! The White Label one off service set up cost is $15,000. However as an introductory offer TechMonegy Ltd are not charging this. However may introduce the charge to new prospects (not yet set up) of this service from a certain date. For now there is no upfront fee, so the White Label Trade Copy Hero© service works on a No Win No Fee basis.

The service includes:

  • TechMonegise© EA (auto trade software license on MT5 FX Choice), software name can be re branded to chosen name too. That produced these net results. This online verified track record hosted by Myfxbook can be branded by service name chosen, click chart to see record analytics:
  • In addition to verified trade results above, you can see the kind of signals TechMonegise© EA produces:

  • You get to decide risk tolerance with entered values for % Risk of Equity for each trade, Account Margin and Open position Draw Down levels not to be breached.
  • The benefit of a secure, established, regulated, offshore broker that has no conflict of interest by operating a No Dealing Desk model while offering Segregated Accounts (Client Agreement: 9.1 Once received, Client funds shall be deposited in an institution specified by FX Choice on the Client’s behalf, segregated from any of FX Choice funds) and Security of Funds by way of Negative Balance Protection (Client Agreement: 26.1 CFDs, which are leveraged products, incur a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of the Client’s invested capital. However, it should be noted that FX Choice operates on a ‘negative balance protection’ basis this means that the Client cannot lose more than his/ her initial investment). All this creates a transparent environment for profits.
  •  Account name to be chosen e.g company name.
  • TechMonegy will set up the MAM account for holder. The EA has a license feature so TechMonegy Ltd will license to that client MAM account number (with a short term expiry date that will be renewed if needed). TechMonegy to assist configuration for MAM Account Holder to use software (TechMonegies©) to automatically make trades on the MAM account which will proportionally be copied to all Investor Sub accounts introduced to that MAM Account. The MAM account will charge Investor sub accounts copying from the MAM a 30% performance fee based on a monthly high watermark. Performance fee to be deducted automatically by the broker. After making deposit into their Investor Sub account, MAM account holder can predetermine TechMonegise© EA risk management values as TechMonegy Ltd arrange the set up for the MAM account.
  • Brokers don’t normally allow 3rd party EA’s to be used on a MAM account. However TechMonegy has cleared license use of the TechMonegise© EA for White Label Trade Copy Hero© MAM accounts with Fx Choice.
  • The MAM account holder’s income stream will be from:

A) Any profits in trading on their own company capital deposited into an Investor Sub account linked to the MAM.

B) 50% of the performance fee earned from all Investor Sub accounts linked to the MAM.

C) 50% of Volume Commissions earned from all Investor Sub accounts linked to the MAM.

MAM Account Holder can withdraw deposit they have made into their Investor sub account and above listed in A any time from their account with FX Choice. Their earnings from B and C will be demonstrated on a statement by TechMonegy at end of every quarter. MAM Account Holder can then Invoice TechMonegy for those amounts and they shall be sent by BTC to MAM Account Holders BTC address.

  • Investor Sub account applications must be made from a unique link that will be provided to MAM account holder from TechMonegy once your application is successful. That link can be used for account holder to open their own Investor Sub Account and it can be promoted to prospects to sign up for their Investor Sub account. Each can make subsequent deposits/withdraws to their  own Sub Investor Account.
  • Marketing material, client on boarding is automated.
  • MAM Account Holder must subscribe for private dedicated server with at least 16 GB RAM for £156 p.m. We strongly suggest you run the EA on Professional Grade Dedicated Forex Servers. Enjoy running 25 charts on at least 10 MT5 platforms with this 64 GB RAM Amsterdam, Windows Dedicated Server. The free one offered by FX Choice does not have sufficient resource to host powerful TechMonegise© EA on MT5.
  • Opportunity to base account in Bitcoin (Bitcoin BIT) rather than devaluing currency.
  • The MAM account application must be made by submitting the following information:



    MAM account holder is responsible for their own legal/financial company structure and the responsible marketing including risk disclosures to the Investor Sub Accounts they introduce to their MAM. TechMonegise© EA file name may not be copied to be taken off the Dedicated Server or have it’s name changed by MAM Account holder or it’s representatives. MAM holder authorises FX Choice to automatically withdraw 50% of this Performance Fee earned and 50% of Volume Commissions from their wallet (if required) and to be sent to TechMonegy Ltd. The above service is offered and the TechMonegise© EA won’t be withdrawn for as long as the MAM Account balance remains over $1 million, the 50% of Performance Fee (if qualified water mark reached) and 50% of Volume Commissions are paid to TechMonegy. If not the EA will stop working. MAM Account Holder must have a supply of prospective new deposits to their MAM and is expected to grow the total balance being managed compared to the previous month by 5% (trade profits earned do not count towards new balance) with new deposits from it’s existing and new Investor Sub accounts. MAM account holder must be licensed and registered for the activity of “Portfolio Management”. MAM Account Holder accepts using TechMonegise© (or by it’s newly requested brand name) EA strategy creation software with defined and agreed preset/risk values. Therefore consents to all it’s individual trade orders on the markets. Accepts risk of capital loss but Negative Balance protection by FX Choice with funds secure in a segregated account. DO NOT consider this software/service as financial advise. No guarantee is made of profitable results or that software is free of error. MAM account holder agrees not to hold TechMonegy Ltd liable for any damages what so ever. Either MAM Account Holder or TechMonegy Ltd can withdraw use of this service with 1 month written notice where the MAM account holder closes that MAM account and settles their dues scheduled in B and C. The MAM account holder agrees to write to all remaining Investor sub account holders with instructions (to be provided by TechMonegy Ltd) on how they can migrate to the TechMonegy Ltd; Trade Copy Hero© Friends & Family MAM for continued service. This is so the exiting MAM account holder can then be rewarded (in accordance with TechMonegy Ltd affiliate terms) for Investor sub accounts migrated to TechMonegy Ltd; Trade Copy Hero© Friends & Family MAM. However from the onset of this service, the MAM account applicant permitted to earn affiliate (even if they are an affiliate) commissions from TechMonegy Ltd affiliate program from it’s own MAM Account or those of it’s introduced Investor Sub Accounts. Confirm MAM Account Holder and Sub Investor Accounts citizenship complies with this list.