Inteli-Leads© is the best way to generate qualified sales leads online.

If you are either a…

  • Sales executive
  • Business owner
  • Marketing Manager
  • Self employed

…and looking for clients? Are you finding it’s taking too much time, effort, expense spent on unproductive marketing such as Sales lead providers, Adwords, PPC, Media Advertising. Often these don’t lead to qualified leads that you can contact to convert into sales. These still aren’t necessarily cost effective when you then calculate your client cost of acquisition.

Inteli-Leads© is an extensive list of best sales tactics that you can deploy today to start receiving qualified sales and marketing potential client leads that match your target audience. Our list comes in the form of sources that you can sign up to for free and receive their basic features which include the leads that match your specified target audience. The report comes in 3 parts; Sales Leads Generation Tools (outbound), Free Website Promo Hacks (inbound), Useful Other Sources. A couple of the sources even identify prospects who have expressed an interest in your services! The tactics should generate you a minimum of 100 qualifying leads per day that you can contact from tomorrow!


As a comparison, lets consider the most popular and accountable form of getting clients; Pay Per Click. According to

Average PPC Costs

Cost per click (CPC)   $1.03 $0.99 $1.18
Click through rate (CTR)   1.8% 2.1% 2.5%
Cost per mille (CPM)   $18.71 $20.90 $29.46
Conversion rate   5.2% 3.1% 2.7%
Cost per conversion   $19.64 $31.79 $43.52
Invalid click rate   5.7% 6.6% 7.5%


Assuming average Cost Per Click CPC is now $1.03. Note that the so called Digital Marketing guru’s that keep telling you that you need to keep spending on PPC so they may optimize your campaign results, do so because they receive a commission from your spend. So for every 1000 people that click through (that are likely interested in your services, but some my just be bot clicks) to your site that would cost $1003. Of those 1000 people 5.2% convert to sales, 52 people. So Cost per conversion would be $19.24.

Inteli-Leads© Cost per conversion:

If you were to receive 1000 leads, probably per month (with details that you can contact online) that expressed an interest in your services for the one off $195 cost; then you were able to convert 52 (same % as PPC) of those into sales, your Cost per conversion would be $3.75.

As the cost is a one off non recurring one (unlike your PPC budget). So with Inteli-leads© your Cost per conversion would continue to fall as you continue to convert the daily leads at the industry average rate of 5.7%.

This is a how you gain an edge over competitors in your field!

Buy the Inteli-leads© report today if you want the most cost effective methods to generate targeted sales leads. You can then contact without charge with your offer starting tomorrow!

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