Your rewarding innovative career.

Note to candidates:

Our organisation is performance orientated, rewarding remuneration is structured mainly on commissions. To understand the remuneration for each role, please read about the respective service. All contracted personnel will be on a self employed basis and therefore expenses to be incurred personally, they will use their own pc and mobile phone. The below roles can be fulfilled p/t. But the plan is that they will be so lucrative and fulfilling that the right persons will desire to do them full time. The conditions and remuneration will improve for those joining the company early before the forecast growth is achieved. They can be fulfilled mainly working from home online, by telephone and physical meetings. Candidates must qualify to live or work in their respective location to be considered for this position as we are unable to offer sponsorship. Please email us your CV stating the respective key below opportunity you are interested in and why. Training on services will be given to selected candidates. Our organizational structure is as below:

We welcome applications for the exciting growth and unlimited earnings potential the current roles offer:

✪ Head of Marketing & IT

Consultant is expected to be proactive, responsive, flexible in activities and functions required to accomplish minimum required results in a timely manner. Providing Marketing Support to each service is essential to ensure they have the right predominantly digital campaigns and respective audience messages to drive new business development and conversion. Responsible for ensuring positive corporate communication and some new product development in this innovative environment. Consultant should be entrepreneurial, responsive and results driven. Reporting to Chief Strategist. Head of Marketing & IT will primarily be working from home, some travel may be needed to suitable conferences and weekly meetings with Chief Strategist and with heads of service. The role/contract will be reviewed monthly to ensure support services and targets set from Marketing Plan are being achieved. Necessary service training will be provided. Ideal candidate will view this as career and want to spend all their working time on it.

Key skills:

  • Digital Marketing (including full ongoing SEO), Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Word Press site design (with HTML) & management, System Administration with C Panel to manage hosting solution, Growth Hacking, Good communication/writing/organisational skills required. Focused on Growth Hacking and the most important elements of top tier tech marketing i.e Acquisition, Conversion, Customer experience, Activation, Revenue.

Responsibilities include:

  • Expenses/base costs such as web hosting, email, domain, web template, subscriptions to be paid by company.  The marketing campaign/budget is likely to be negligible as we seek innovative growth hack non paid approach for new business development, however any Marketing Campaign costs will be deducted to calculate net profits for net commissions.  Specific tasks will be specified under one 3 categories; IT Tasks solutions and updating  site, Generic Marketing Tasks, Marketing Plan/Tactics for each service. Head Of Marketing & IT is expected to undertake all Marketing & IT related functions to complete tasks, including below.

  1. Propose/improve/execute quarterly marketing plan using “Marketing Strategy” (only unpaid Promotional Activity) and review previous.  Rationally integrate into “Marketing Strategy” the most effective Growth Hacking tools and tactics that aid in engaging and converting target audience into clients. There is no marketing budget for paid activity.
  2. Identifying and trying to fix any site issues e.g security and making site mobile responsive. Updating on going such as plugins, removing unnecessary files to reduce disk space, optimising site for speed, reporting broken content links and as requested.
  3. Familiarize them self fully with workings of BTC.
  4. Needs to undertake necessary coding/development work mainly using WordPress.
  5. Research and propose affiliate network to integrate into existing one to acquire affiliates.
  6. Create and improve affiliate proposition journey for services and tools to drive recruitment, training and their successful performance.
  7. Propose and execute website improvements. E.g design of our landing page using cloaked links, video editing.
  8. An overall proactive innovative automated (write software where viable that automates marketing strategy) approach to gain true internet scalability with marketing goals. This includes automation for web site marketing (e.g SEO, SMO, email campaigns to acquired opt in lists) to drive targeted traffic for mailing list subscribers, affiliates and clients to The Company url.
  9. Grow mailing list subscribers with target audience, then ensure effective CRM communications/newsletter to maximize their conversion to clients.
  10. Track and report traffic and sales activity.
  11. Support the service heads by execution of agreed marketing strategy/campaigns.
  12. SMO and Social Media Marketing of our company pages; drive people to our service pages such as Infonar© webinars by using “Google Hangouts On-Air” to drive traffic converting visitors to attendees of these webinars.
  13. Manage database for adding all potential clients/actual clients emails.
  14. Split testing, and conversion tracking, using analytics plugin.
  15. IT admin functions such as add/ email account for new staff. Ensuring new order alert goes to that head for that service.
  16. Any necessary technical assistance/site development from our side and to co-ordinate with 3rd parties to integrate/ launch new services successfully.
  17. Required to calculate commissions due to Independent Consultant using website info and formula in “Independent Consultant Remuneration and Targets” submit invoice showing calculations, once a month.
  18. Review Affiliates effectiveness and improve.
  19. Undertake Web Page Optimization i.e Website Structure Optimization, Meta-data Creation and Optimization, Code Optimization, Canonicalization, On-site Content, Internal Link Modifications, HTML Sitemap Creation, Image Optimization, XML Sitemap Creation, Robots.txt Creation, RSS Feed Generation.
  20. If can’t convert to affiliates then place 2:1 traffic exchange links with E.g BTC exchanges.
  21. Comment marketing; using Whiteboard Friday. Using comment marketing intelligently, while providing value, to build relationships, earn links, and expose brand to a completely new audience. Sources to be provided to learn the right way to do comment marketing.
  22. Use free tools to be provided that essentially acts as a funnel to pre-qualify users.
  23. Apply Fairness spirit by complying with FCA Financial Promotion Rules. Study, apply (then seek approval from our compliance provider) of our over view guide, GDPR compliance, Conduct of Business Sourcebook Rules (COBS) and Section 21 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000) to ALL communications (including emails, social media, telemarketing script, adverts, website) both current, to be drafted by you and submitted to you related to Financial Promotion to consumers for products offered by TechMonegy Ltd.

Only one role available. Part or Full time with a minimum regardless of how much time is required. Working from home/office as required, must be accessible to speak on Skype. Responsible for support for all the company services and channels and is rewarded based on results, sales and new client fund performance.

Remuneration & Goals:

  • $200 p.m, plus…
  • Below commissions (can be paid by Wire. BCH or BTC when they exceed $500 when due) on new business is also payable on an ongoing basis for duration of agreement for active execution of ongoing and new IT Admin and Marketing tasks.

10% of net profits from Crypto Bank© sales.  10% of net profits from Inteli-Leads© sales. 10% of net profits from Trade Copy Hero© on 1st profitable month Incentive Fee (received from FX Choice) as TechMonegy Ltd earns it from a new client.  10% of net profits from Trade Copy Hero© “Investor access”.

How to Apply:

If you believe you can deliver for the role, the company and yourself then you are invited to initially indicate your skill level in this area by taking the following 15 min quiz and emailing us screenshot of your results along with your CV, Linkedin, Upwork links. On receiving this you may then be invited to a video skype interview.

Head of Affiliates & Crypto Bank © 

Will be the key driver of this service promoting it to potential clients on/offline. Candidate should be familiar with BTC, ETH, BCH, presentable, multi lingual in two of the most commonly spoken languages is advantageous, articulate, responsive, aware of the commercial  and pain points prospects face. Ideally experienced with money exchangers/transfer/payment processors companies such as Worldpay, HIFX, Western Union, Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. Responsible for devising quarterly plan (tactics available in contract)/targets/weekly report, ensuring a sufficient pipeline of  leads from coordinated online/offline activity geared to generate new business. Maximising affiliate acquisition and their performance. Primarily using Inteli-Leads© to acquire clients and affiliates. Through email, remote (skype) and face to face client support. As after sales may be required to write, gain approval and distribute Press Release on behalf of client. The right person will also be responsible for service improvements and delivering the service to clients. Effectively managing the clients life cycle on this service. Candidate should be entrepreneurial and results driven. Co-ordination with Head of Marketing & IT and reporting to Chief Strategist. Necessary service training will be provided. Working remotely full time.

Key Skills:

  • Affiliate marketing, Entrepreneurial, Social Media Marketing, Presentations, Multi lingual, Outbound email, CRM, Appointment setting, Persistence, Good communication/writing/organisational skills required.


  • Pay is $100 p.m basic (when min orders p.m achieved) plus 20% of net profit from all sales for this service, paid in BCH.


  • Minimum of 10 Crypto Bank© new orders to be achieved per month. Subject to change by review on a monthly basis.