Correlator Trade Academy©

Correlator Trade Academy©

Did you know 90% of people fail at trading, why?

There are hundreds of so called trade guru’s that claim to have made their millions from trading and now they want to sell you a course to teach you how to use the most common indicators using their trade platform. These generally don’t work, if they did they would be using them to show you a verified and audited track record with Myfxbook. It’s not the platform but the actual strategy that determines success. Also be wary of so called apps developed allegedly by e.g ex NASA scientists showing unrealistic profits. These are offered free for your use as long as you open an account and deposit with the recommended broker. These are created to fleece your account balance for the benefit of the broker without showing any sustained growth.

What you get with Correlator Trade Academy©

You get; Correlator Trade academy© EA has been in development for 9 years by professional traders. We have versions for MT5. It has 28 different unique strategies using 26 different indicators (some uniquely created), analysing the markets in 5 different time frames in real-time, includes AI module in our recent release that adapts entries according to market conditions, unique and sophisticated risk management. The user can set the mode to visually indicate an entry with on chart levels for Entry, SL, TP. Or alert with pop up with same info also showing monetary risk for the trade, only requiring user to click once to execute that proposed trade plan. Or to completely be on autopilot making all trade entries and exits without human intervention while it runs on a VPS. The EA can trade on FX, Stocks, Indices, Crypto, Metals and Commodities. The account base currency can be Bitcoin (BIT), USD, EURO, GBP.

The EA comes with a default strategy which is used to achieve below verified results that you can see trade by trade details:

PAMM: techmonegyltd

In addition to verified trade results above, you can see the kind of signals Correlator© EA produces:

You get; After your order you will receive an email with your username and password, so you can login to the fulfillment page. You will also receive an email with your username, password and a link to our site that you can download a PDF manual explaining all the variables in the EA, and an overview video. Within 48 hours of placing your cleared order you should receive your email containing the Ex5 Expert Advisor file that you will need to place into your Metatrader 5 expert folder for the accounts you have stated in your order. The EA will be licensed to work only on your two named account numbers (regardless if they are demo or real accounts).

You can order a 6 or 12 month use of Correlator Trade Academy©. Ensure enter correct account numbers because you will need to purchase new license to be able to change them. Before contacting us please check your spam box, if our email is there; mark it as “Not Spam”. If you don’t have a broker account consider that results of our EA differ for each broker, our EA has been optimized for FXOpen, benefits include proven results and having crypto as your account base currency. You can open a trading account with FXOpen here.

How to get your license extended free by 12 months?

You get; to experiment and develop your own strategy settings. The possibilities are almost infinite for developing new strategies from the given options. If you would like to share your uniquely developed settings (on FXOpen and any of following 10 broker on MT5). You can supply the preset file with a “Detailed Report” from the platform that is at least with 3 months history on real money account not demo (no backtests accepted), made of at least 60 trades that have produced at least 50% profit on deposit with account draw down less than 20%. The one year free license is only offered once same or better results are verified on TechMonegy account with that broker for a period of 1 month. Then you will be offered an additional 12 month free license to use the software on two account numbers with any broker. We strongly suggest you run the EA on Professional Grade Dedicated Forex Servers. Enjoy running 25 charts on 10 MT5 platforms with this 16GB RAM Amsterdam, Windows Dedicated Server.

If you don’t already own Bitcoin (BTC) then you will need to go to an exchange such as LocalCoinSwap to buy them, or visit our FAQ 12. Then return here to order once you have your Bitcoin (BTC).

Order 6/12 Months use of Correlator Trade Academy©


    Correlator© EA file name may not be copied, renamed or reproduced for commercial purposes. User accepts using Correlator© EA strategy creation software with defined and agreed preset/risk values on default or set their own. User therefore consents to all EA’s individual trade orders on the markets. User accepts risk of capital loss but Negative Balance protection by FXOpen with funds secure in a segregated account. DO NOT consider this software/service as financial advise. No guarantee is made of profitable results or that software is free of error. User agrees not to use on PAMM account. User agrees not to hold TechMonegy Ltd liable for any damages/losses what so ever. The software is provided for educational purposes. No refunds are made of the purchases. The one year free license is only offered once same or better results (than those submitted in Detailed Report) are verified on TechMonegy account with FXOpen for a period of 3 months. License shall expire at the end of the time period and the EA will cease operating. I confirm my citizenship complies with this list.