TM Solutions©

TM Solutions©

The path to your goals.

Fintech is tricky before you discovered it, we can assist with your challenge in the following ways:

  • Accepting Crypto for your business/website.
  • Public speaking on Crypto, Financial market trading, the Economy. The likely future of all these and their impact on your business.
  • Resourcing you with the key personnel to move your business forward. These include developers, ICO practitioners, digital marketeers, CEO’s to lead your firm.
  • Project basis with defined requirements deliverable by our full stack developers and certified project managers what ever your platform.
  • Solutions to challenges in Cyber security and Financial regulation.
  • Selecting a broker with specific requirements e.g Brokers that are best suited for scalping. Or negotiating/writing special terms for your high deposit account with protective measures such as no re-hypothication, segregated funds and negative equity protection.
  • Devising a unique marketing strategy to meet your objectives.
  • Introducing you to a more equitable, efficient infrastructure than blockchain to build your service on.

For discussion on requirement and pricing, please contact us.

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