Opportunity Scrutiny

Opportunity scrutiny, signs of a scam.

Income scams are fairly easy to spot. In general an income scam will have the following qualities. Consider these criteria to indicate scammers rather than a perfect way to separate legitimate operators from the illegitimate.

  • Low minimum deposit Opportunity Scrutiny – The best sign of an income scam is a low minimum deposit. Companies who actually place trades for their customers simply cannot manage to cover the costs of data feeds, price information, customer support, and software services on thousands of $1 accounts. Income scams are more prevalent among brokers with low minimum opening account deposits of $250 or less. TechMonegy don’t request you fund our account, you are only required to fund your own FXOpen broker account with a minimum $5,000 (or equivalent currency).
  • Guaranteed performance Opportunity Scrutiny – Nothing is guaranteed in any financial market. For any broker, software provider, strategy or signal service to provide 100% certain returns is a critical misstep. Additionally, guarantees for customer success is against many regulatory laws, an indication that the service provider cares very little about regulatory agencies. TechMonegy Ltd make no guarantee of future performance. Risk Warning is also published with results.
  • Low cost trade strategies for sale Opportunity Scrutiny – No trader would EVER bother to sell a profitable strategy for less than a $100 dollars. The reality is that any trader who successfully finds an automated strategy could make 100 or even 1,000 times more money by actually using the strategy rather than selling the strategy for others to use. TechMonegy Ltd has been investing, researching and developing it’s strategies since 2000. As these provide an edge in the markets we value their intellectual property and we do not give our strategies away!
  • Limited contact options Opportunity Scrutiny – This tip is as valuable for investment scams as it is any other online scam. Scammers hide behind the anonymity of the internet, and will not have the same customer service staff that you might find with legitimate service providers. Contact details, as well as a mailing address should give some comfort to prospective buyers. TechMonegy Ltd, contact details, address and registration number are published.
  • Unverified trading results Opportunity Scrutiny – So many trading systems will only show you winning trades, or account statement for a winning run. But not show you trading results from inception to current date of their trading strategy. TechMonegy Ltd, real money live account results are published online with Myfxbook as auditors. Myfxbook are the only ones that Double Verify and can see show the maximum drawdown of a track record. Be wary of results in other websites verification. FXBLUE do not clearly shows the risk and is difficult to interpret and manipulate it easily. FXSTAT don’t show the maximum Drawdown and it is not difficult to manipulate the history.
  • Unable to meet staff Opportunity Scrutiny – TechMonegy Ltd are available for in person meetings, plus you can attend our seminars.
  • Unregistered Opportunity Scrutiny – Usually scammers promote a brand, without any registered company behind it. TechMonegy Ltd is registered in Cyprus, as a Cyprus company and under Cyprus law, and we intend to work with the Bitcoin Foundation and DATA to ensure that we meet best practices for handling crypto currency. However using a regulated broker does not always ensure security, just as MF Global’s segregated account funds were lost when broker became insolvent.
  • Phishing Opportunity Scrutiny – Beware, it’s is basically the process of attempting to get sensitive and confidential information, in the form of username, password, and most importantly, credit card, Bitcoin private key (which you should never give out) details. They are performed by criminals who are scheming to get your information so that they can accomplish their plans of stealing. This process of phishing usually takes place through online payment processors, auction sites, emails, and others. One of the most common would be phishing emails. These emails usually have links to certain websites. When unsuspecting users click that link, their computers may become infected with malware. Email spoofing is one way of phishing and it works by making an email appear to come from a legitimate and credible source. For example, a fake website may be impersonating ours quoting a different Bitcoin address, we will never ask you for your Bitcoin wallet “private key”! Email may appear as if it actually comes from a certain bank, asking the user to click the link to fix or verify personal information. The email may contain logos and hyperlinks which look really convincing. Credit card fraud is a common occurrence online. Users are tricked to reveal their credit card details. Scammers will then use that information to purchase stuff for their own. There are ways on how you can combat this. Being vigilant is an important trait that a person must have. You should always scrutinize the emails that you receive. Read it carefully and do not open the emails that come from an unknown source.
  • SIM Swap Opportunity Scrutiny – By taking over your SIM/mobile number through your mobile service provider. Fraudsters can gain access to crypto wallets, bank accounts, credit card numbers, and other personal data. It’s tough to spot, and even tougher to undo the resulting damage. Best you set up a secure password on your account with your mobile service provider and request that only on providing this correct password that they should deal with requests! Users can best protect themselves by using services that don’t use SMS for their codes and use authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or any number of other apps that provide a similar service. Ask institutions to use the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) — a unique number associated with a specific GSM phone — to ensure one-time use codes are sent only to legitimate subscribers. It is possible to check whether your SIM card number and your international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) are the same. If there is a discrepancy, your bank could contact you by email or landline to check.
  • Bitcoin cannot be doubled – Like gold, bitcoins can never be doubled or multiplied. This is because the total number of coins and how they can be generated are already built-in to the protocol code. If a company claims they’ve discovered a magic doubling formula, consider that a sure-fire sign they’re a scam. Here is another example where you will not receive anything back!..


  • Are deposits you make still yours – Most financial institutions such as brokers and banks imply in their T&C’s that funds you deposit no longer belong to depositor and that the financial institution has discretionary rights to hypothicate and rehypothicate (pledge, use) your funds for any purpose they deem fit and they do not need your permission for such use. “Bank states to depositor: It’s not your Money” on occasions. We have specially negotiated terms with additional protective layers for the Investor PAMM accounts you can open through our broker; FXOpen.
  • Do banks back Bitcoins – No because virtual currencies compete against their money creation business model . Chinese authorities limit Chinese Financial Institutions from transacting in Bitcoin, if allowed as it should in a true open market economy; the Chinese Yuan would be undermined! All central banks want to launch their own digital currencies known as CBDC. They will lack the economic values of Bitcoin!
  • See if the company has been publicly audited – A proof-of-reserves cryptographic audit is a good way to publicly disclose Bitcoin holdings in a verifiable manner. The process can assure customers that the company is financially able to deliver on its end of the business deal if required.
  • Beware of Crypto changers that claim they will send crypto you send them to 3rd party in fiat currency – In fact this would be in breach of AML KYC rules. One such scam company that has different registration number at companies UK than they advertise is We sent them a test amount, that they kept never sent on!
  • Recognize if a ‘scam’ is just mismanagement – Scams imply malicious intent. It happens all too often that Bitcoin businesses turn out incompetent and poorly managed. However, they may have no intention to scam their customers. “The difference between these two is a fuzzy line,” said Olaf Carlson Wee, head of risk at Coinbase, “as an incompetent business can be even more dangerous than a straightforward scam.” Souza further explained: “People confuse poor marketing skills and poor development skills with scammers. It’s not intentional, it’s incompetence.”
  • Are these trading methods profitable –
  1. Manual Trading Systems courses and books – All of these are expensive poor quality crash course education that doesn’t make you the money you want and deserve. If these techniques worked they would not need to be selling them because they would be profiting from executing them!
  2. Trading Rooms – They most closely resemble an online call center. You sit on your PC with hundreds other would-be traders and a head trader and BEG him to let you participate and waiting for “IF” (instructions) price goes above do A,”IF” (instructions) price goes below do B. You often spend MONTHS without earning any profits. Only the head trader profits from your subscription.
  3. Trade Signal Services – Have a look around the internet and you’ll soon discover very quickly there are a ton of USELESS signal services. Only 1% may be making money while the others are LOSING their customers money. Trade Copy Hero© has been profitable, verified and regulated!

A couple of steps for you to take to ensure legitimacy of the site you visit:

  • You should also Turn on Smart Screen Filter (in i.e or It’s equivalent in other browsers), as shown below:

It will warn you if the site you are visiting is impersonating another one or contains threats to your computer.

  • Check our site displays HTTPS rather than HTTP.
  • TechMonegy Ltd uses SSL/TLS high grade 256 bit encryption. This is conveyed in the green padlock icon you see in I.E browser address bar. It ensures higher algorithmically encrypted security of information being transmitted through the site.
  • Check site content i.e spelling, images, layout is professional.
  • Check that domain does not have an IP address number in front of it for re direction.
  • To be extra careful, you can open a new browser and type in the url to ensure you arrive at that matching domain. Also go to and type into the search and click on what comes up at top to ensure the domain is the same and padlock is present in the address bar of the browser.
  • Check by typing your email addresses in If it shows your email password has been breached, you should change your password from your email account!!!!
  • Maintain an up-to-date anti-virus software. Anti-spam software is also a good way to protect yourself. If you are unsure if a request is made from TechMonegy Ltd, then contact us to check.