About TechMonegy Ltd


We assist growth with fintech solutions.

Our experience since 1997 in the financial markets is deployed to offer disruptive FinTech solutions such as our Bitcoin (BTC) orientated services related to business growth and a better universal economy. Our business model and range of services offer clients growth opportunity. So success is not solely dependent on Crypto currencies. This allows us to be well poised, as crypto and fiat currencies are integrated to diversify your selection. Our continued R&D, ensure you have the latest tools to assist your business growth.

TechMonegy Ltd are a legally registered company since 2012, structured securely to operate globally in the FinTech sector. We welcome potential clients, affiliates and contractors to apply and share in our advantages. The continuing global financial crises of centralized currency caused by over extended debt relative to GDP and now sanctioned bank and pension fund bail ins into depositor funds means there is an increasing chance of your capital loss.

Depositors (especially within UK, USA, New Zealand, EU, Canada are exposed to proven higher bail in risk) should ask themselves the same question that corporate treasurers regularly ask themselves: “Am I being adequately compensated by the deposit rate for the risk and devaluation I am now exposing my money to?” The inadequate risk necessitates viable alternates to the current de facto monetary system that demands infinite credit fueled consumerism of limited planetary resources. Bitcoin could be that socially and economically fairer sustainable necessity, it is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.

Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, Bitcoins are not issued as debt. Nor are they issued and managed by any central authority whatsoever there is no government, company or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt financial institutions. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank. It is also a way of transferring ownership rights (not just money) in the presence of untrustworthy parties, without the need for a trusted intermediary. Discover how our values keep you ahead of the crowed.


Our senior management have over 20 years Fintech experience brought to you in the form of valuable growth enabling services that can serve you today and into the future.


TechMonegy uses latest security and adheres to regulatory rules. So do our affiliated 3rd party service providers. See enhanced security measures.


We are registered on public records with Cyprus authorities and audited as a company. Our service track record e.g for Trade Copy Hero© signals can be seen here.


Some of our services are unique such as Correlator Trade Academy© using our own trade software (Correlator©) that was 7 years in the making. Such services are only exclusively available through TechMonegy. No company bring you the portfolio of services TechMonegy do!!!


We take a lateral approach to challenges and catapult users of our service ahead of the crowed. An example is TechMonegise© (being used for Trade Copy Hero©), our unrivalled trading algorithm that uses 28 strategies, 26 indicators all analysed in 5 time frames.