Trade Copy Hero©

Trade Copy Hero©

Trade Copy to your broker account and earn Bitcoin.

Copy trades producing below results, automatically onto your supported MT5 broker account. Click chart below to see our live audited and verified account results:

Key Features of Trade Copy Hero© :

  1. Proven Profitable Forex Trading:

    Highly accurate professional grade FX robots analysed and optimized by full-time traders with over 15 years experience. So you avoid the pain, wasted time and losses encountered by even experienced traders. However no guarantees of future profits are made.

  2. Why Trade Copy Hero© has a proven and independently verified track record:
    • A connected real and verified MetaTrader 5 PAMM ECN account with history.
    • Lower transaction commissions than the standard.
    • Low draw down.
    • Open trades equity in profit more than 60% of the time. So Equity line on chart spends more time being greater than balance.
    • Gain higher than draw down.
    • Average winners are higher in pips and monetary value than losers.
    • Average pip per trade (expectancy) of over 5. Ensuring cost of transaction remains lower than average profit per trade.
    • Average trade time 48 hours.
    • No use of account blowing risky strategies i.e Grid, Martingale, Arbitrage techniques.
    • An account initial deposit and balance of over 10,000 mGLD, for the last 3 months of trading. If currently SPOT price for Gold is USD $1,9800 – one mGLD will be USD $1.98.
    • Valid sample size of trades.
    • Unique strategies that use dynamically calculated stealth SL/TP close at market orders.
    • No more than 5% of equity risked per trade.
    • Margin level maintained above 700%.
    • Net pips positive.
    • More winning than losing trades.
    • Most strategies/EA’s can’t achieve this analytics profile for trading.
  3. Passive hands free automated professional trades copied to your account:

    Access to fully automated trade execution through “Friends & Family PAMM Follower” sign up method.

  4. TechMonegy has a vested interest in your profitability:

    You retain full control of your money. To ensure success, a new high water mark must be exceeded and at least 1% trading profit for the 12 week interval before the 25% performance fee is applied.

  5. No need for you to rent a VPS or download software:

    This is a unique feature when you sign up and maintain our Trade Copy Hero© service.

  6. Enabling profitable compounding with lock in interval:

    Withdraw your funds from your broker account at FXOpen at end of 12 week period by revocation.

  7. Manager Accountability:

    We have our own money invested in our account, so we are taking same trades as copied to clients.

  8. Account Transparency:

    You can access your real-time reporting on Trade Copy Hero© performance by logging into your broker account at any time.

  9. A unique opportunity for Friends & Family Trade Copy Hero© PAMM Follower to have account base and earnings in Gold (mGLD) value relative to USD!
  10. Option to deposit in any major fiat currency or crypto method and convert to GOLD SPOT rate (mGold as the unit). To withdraw convert from GOLD SPOT rate (mGold as the unit) to withdraw in any major fiat currency or crypto method. Subject to FXOpen AML KYC.
  11. Friends & Family PAMM Follower service available to customers resident in all countries except ones listed here.
  12. The long term anti inflationary benefit from holding/earning GOLD SPOT rate (mGLD as the unit) or withdrawing to Bitcoin are self explanatory!

You can connect to TechMonegy Ltd Trade Copy Hero© signals as follows:

Which Broker you should have an account with: You must open an account with FXOpen Markets Limited International (the broker our account is with). You have any account with any FX broker you choose. However ALL markets this service trades are available through None PAMM accounts with FXOpen Markets Limited International.
Method to deposit/withdraw: BTC, BCH , LTC, ETH, USDT. In some countries AdvCash and FasaPay is also available. SUBJECT TO FXOpen Markets Limited International allowed Jurisdictions and their AML KYC. Check with your broker.
Minimum start-up capital: $5,000 USD, or equivalent. Any your broker will allow.
Account base currency: Follower accounts denominated in mGLD. Exchange from other FIAT or Crypto currency will have to be performed from Exchange will be done using SPOT rate. If currently SPOT price for Gold is USD $1,980 – one mGLD will be USD $1.98. On the trading account Profit/Commission/Swaps and other charges will also be calculated using GOLD spot rate at the time of occurrence of the balance changing operation. Any you choose.
Trade Volume Size Management: Trade/Volume size is equal for all participants (Including Master account) proportionally to their Equity. You decide volume size if you decide to manually execute trades we have open.
Cost (Fees):

 Here is an example of how it will be calculated by FXOpen.

Our time limited offer is 25/0/1 – 0/10 – 2000/500/2000 – 0. Values explained here.

Quarterly payment of $899 in BTC.
Paid from: Fee paid automatically from your designated wallet. Or Follower PAMM trade account balance, every 12 weeks. One off payment from your BTC wallet to ours. Order below.
Regulated by: FXOpen International is registered in Nevis. FXOpen holds following licenses; FCA in UK, ASIC in AU, CySEC in EU.  
Which countries are NOT permitted: See here. No restrictions except on residents/citizens of United States, Belgium, Japan.
Once you have started the sign up process from below. You can get support from: See video on how to become a PAMM follower here. See (Contact us). See (Contact us).
Next step: Enter your details below then click “SIGN UP FROM FXOpen”. You will then be redirected to begin the steps in the account opening process with FXOpen. You must add Investment account in mGLD to join PAMM. If you don’t have your BTC, See (FAQ 12). Once you have BTC click below to order. On receipt of payment you will receive set up instruction.

Friends & Family PAMM Follower

Performance Fee 25%, After 1% profit and new High Water Mark every 12 weeks

    Follower Access To View Our Trades

    Quarterly access for $899 in BTC


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