Internet Freedom Stats Present Opportunity

From the 50 Key Stats About Freedom of the Internet Around the World report most notable are that:

-BRICS nations (except Brazil) are the most restrictive when it comes to digital services! These are traditionally strong commodity producing emerging countries. So commodity production and manufacturing are a higher % of their GDP compared to the majority of other countries. These are the only common correlations to the fact that these countries also take a rather restrictive view to bitcoin with India having No Bans and China having illegal status and Banking Ban on Bitcoin use. Legality of Bitcoin by countries can be found here. It’s fair to deduce as these BRICS nations digitize their economies more, they and China especially will invariably become less restrictive on Digital Services and hence that would include Bitcoin related bans slowly lifting!?

-Unsurprisingly Iceland appear at the top of at least two stats as most free nation related to internet. Share your views.