Will Brexit be implemented?

Will Brexit be implemented?

This is legally an “Advisory” vote election. Which means parliament not legally obliged to implement it’s result!!! Is democracy only allowed when it suits the globalist elite? A 100,000 person signed petition has already been submitted to parliament objecting the exit vote which means they are obliged to at least discuss the matter.

If we look at how the Greeks voted in their referendum against receiving a bailout from the EU and austerity measures, then to have that over turned by the same leader who later played along with the EU agenda and imposed the measures the people voted against; we can determine that a war of attrition is likely to play out and this outcome is not concrete.

Although a landmark battle has been won, the war is yet to be won; in spite of the ripple referendum exit election now being called for by many EU states. Therefore freedom, independence, patriotic people against the globalist ruling elite agenda are only beginning their war to ensure the Brexit stays!!!!

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