Web Design and Development without the usual pain.


To prevent letting you down, repetition and errors; we create your site with focus on user experience,  growth, automation and scalability to make your site appealing, easy to use, convert visitors to sales, finished with attention to detail and designed with SEO best practices!

We can honour your digital requirements with:

-New website design and development.

-New Branding with Logo’s

-Graphic and UI design.

-Video editing, images.

-Content writing improvements.

-Researching and proposing solutions e.g most suited payment gateway.

-Branding Poll to quantitatively see which of 4 mock home page site designs/logo’s are preferred. You can invite all your stake holders to answer the 5 minute poll. It can look like what we did to poll our own designs here.

-Privacy honoured web hosting in Iceland.

-Website maintenance including edits, plugin updates, back ups.

-Comprehensive training so you are able to create & update website’s content.


Here is our portfolio of work previously created for clients:


Dynamic images that can be clicked on go that open new tabs of those web sites.


Our work flow for you is as follows:

  1. You complete answers to the client brief document below and submit or email us your own detailed requirements brief answering at least same question.
  2. We will asses your written requirements, if further information required we will contact you with our head designer/developer.
  3. Once we have digested all your requirements we will send you a proposal outlining price in EUR or USD and time expected to finish your job. Note payment can only be accepted in Bitcoin, o you will need to open an exchange account so you can first purchase bitcoin before you can pay us. Steps on how you can do this are on FAQ 12.
  4. To proceed with our proposal and for us to start building your 3 home page mock designs; a 20% advance is required, we will send you a “Paid Invoice”. We will then produce 3 separate design mocks of your new site home page plus your own current live site if you have one, this will also include branding and new logo’s if required. If you wish we will create a Branding Poll for you so you can invite all your stake holders to answers the 5 minute poll. It can look like what we did to poll our own designs here and arrive at a quantitative conclusion.
  5. Once we have at least 20 completed poll questionnaires, you can take a decision based on the automatically produced results you will see.
  6. A 40% advance is then required (we will then send you a “Paid Invoice”) for us to commence work on the selected home page mock design in order to convert it to code.
  7. All will be checked, tweeked, corrected until your full satisfaction of site completion. At that point the 40% renaming balance is required. On receipt we will migrate the new site to your servers and domain. We will then send you a “Paid Invoice”
  8. If further work/support additional to what is stated in brief is required a new price will be quoted and require full payment before we can commence with it and complete it.


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Terms and Conditions will be stated in proposal sent to you.