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TechMonegy Consulting is dedicated to confidentiality of a project/job search.

We are not the usual search firm where we just work from an “open position” direction. Candidates are also our clients, if they choose; we will represent and market in an agreed upon plan to expedite career growth. Our global candidate database is of the highest quality and focused career direction personnel. Many are world class CEO’s, Founders and Innovators in their sector.TechMonegy Consulting specializes in staffing of Full-time and Consulting personnel to the FinTech sector. Our service is focused on talent that bring or implement; business experience, technology knowledge, value and vision into a firm’s organization.

TechMonegy Consulting endevour to facilitate in particular Crypto Currency Solutions for Exchanges, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Pension funds, Private Equity, Mutual Funds, Financial Regulators.
By providing Staff that specialise in Crypto Currency in Executive and Management, Security, M&A, Strategy, Development and Technology, Research, Trading and Sales roles.
These are usually in departments such as Finance, Capital Markets, Risk Management, Compliance.

We always have projects/jobs open so we aren’t going to list them all. You tell us what you want and we will match with what you want or need. Your CV doesn’t go anywhere without your e-mailed consent.

What we seek:
Most of our jobs fall within a certain profile in Financial IT for start ups and established financial services companies. We typically work directly with the direct business groups and on some projects we deal directly with managers. Usually in departments such as Capital Markets(Front-Mid office), Risk Management, Compliance, Finance, Executive level advisory associated to implementation of Crypto Currency related integration and initiatives.

Skills required include; Knowledge of Bitcoin protocol and its associated ecosystem, Strategy, Compliance, Crypto Currency architecture and payment system integration, C#, WPF, WCF, Silverlight, C++, VC++, Java, EJB, multi-threading, Agile, Low latency, high frequency, ASP.NET, Quant, etc

Our roles and candidates are mainley in London, New York, Tokyo, Dubai.

Employers and candidates please email quoting “TechMonegy Consulting” with your specific requirements.


Investor’s capital is at risk. Trading in leveraged investments may result in losses that exceed initial deposits. Trading in leveraged investments may not be suitable for all investors as they involve a high degree of risk. Past Performance is no guarantee of Future Performance. Note: Tax rules are subject to change and vary according to each individual’s circumstances. Independent advice should be sought if necessary.



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