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Next Webinar Event: “Economic quicksand, and your potential way out”.



  • Suited to people/companies that want to learn more about how to capitalize on the BTC revolution and would like to diversify their assets with at least $1,000 targeting over 100% growth per year with Trade Copy Hero©.
  • For a limited time, free webinar you can attend from the comfort of your locale.
  • Presenting an overview of the pending economic crises.
  • See how you can copy the trades automatically that made the verified returns of Trade Copy Hero©.
  • Learn how/where to buy BTC.
  • The TechMonegy opportunities/services.
  • How Merchants can take advantage of Bit Bank© to take control securely and cost effectively to be their own BTC bank.
  • You will meet representatives and have a chance for Q&A’s.
  • Register attendance to the webinar below, then confirm your free news letter subscription (by clicking the email you will receive). You will then receive an email with a link to a free report on one of the safer banks in the world that offer precious metal backed accounts.




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Saturday 17 October 2015, at 12pm (London).


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Infonar© ; Webinar
About: Economic quicksand, and your profitable way out. There will be no reminder email so save this appointment and go to url on start.
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